About ASMP

Since the inception of social media the world has seen a surge in online networking. Today everything is seen moving towards or driven by social media. The business owners are fast adopting new-social-media strategies discounting the old-fashioned techniques to make their target audience engagement more effective. The social media has taken the world of journalism and development by storm and especially the way we consume content today. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, google plus and Pinterest are now an integral part of every individual and organisations business portfolio existing in public domain.

India, itself, is having an interesting trend with social media. Most reports suggest that accessing social media is one of the key reasons for majority of Indian population to access the internet. The phenomenon even holds true for entire South Asian countries. This speaks volumes about the power social media platforms exercises especially on today’s youth. If, on the one hand, social media is revolutionizing the world for good by informing, empowering and inspiring, on the other hand, trolling, information leaks, fake news and confidentiality threats are also lurking in every corner as internet becomes more social.

After internet immunity, the world now seeks more avenues and expects optimum utilization of resources from the different social media vehicles. With constant media innovations happening on daily basis there is a need for an association of strong social media managers, strategist, experts and professionals to evaluate, analyze, review and monitor the current social media and internet practices.

Association of Social Media Professionals (ASMP) is about connecting and collaborating. The forum will cater to the growing demands for shared knowledge and best practices around the globe and this shared intent forms the genesis of ASMP. The association will be a club of Indian and international pioneers, innovators and experts of social media industry, coming together for providing and sharing hands-on-training and experiences to digital professionals and enable them to shift from a passive consumers of the internet to become the producers of online content.