About ACRA

Association for Community Research and Action (ACRA) is an association of research scholars, social and media activists devoted to common interest community research, advancing theory and social action.

ACRA is committed to promote Welfare of downtrodden, Health awareness, Education, Poverty eradication, Rural development, Water conservation, Women and Child’s right protection and empowerment to prevent problems in communities, groups and individuals.

ACRA also serves many different other disciplines that focus on community research and action especially for Internet and External Migrants in crisis.

The Association for Community Research and Action (ACRA) have a strong network of grassroot volunteers not only in India but also across 28 African countries, with a global impact on enhancing well-being and promoting social justice for all people by fostering collaboration where there is division and empowerment where there is oppression. ACRA serves through it’s various flagship initiatives/platform like; Association of Social Media Professionals (ASMP), SadbhawnaToday (A Global Hindi News Cooperative), YouthFarmersForum (A Farmer’s Instant Support System) and LokJagranManch (For rural campaign and awareness platform)